What is the verification process for Skills?

Skills may be verified in one of four ways:

Self-verified: The job seeker self-verifies their skill and level of competence.

Document: The job seeker uploads a document that verifies a specific skill. For example, a first aid course certification form from the Red Cross.

Link: The job seeker links the skill to an established site where the skill is verified. For example, a Registered Archaeologist would copy the link to their directory page from the Register of Professional Archaeologists. This is verification because only currently registered archaeologists in good standing are listed in the online directory.

Third Party: The job seeker designates a direct supervisor or a faculty member who can verify a particular skill. An email goes out to that individual, asking for verification. Once that person verifies the skill and level of competency, the status of the skill for the job user is changed to “verified” and employers may hover over that word and see who the person was who did the verification.