Confused about the Skills Log Matrix when posting a job?

First, watch this video

The Skills Log Matrix is a new method design to dramatically improve the ability of employers to find the right employees and job seekers to find the right job. By listing skills – those acquired by employees and those needed for a job listing – a rapid and efficient matching is made possible.

How does it work?

When you create a job post, list all relevant skills that will required to perform this job. Review skills from our predetermined online list – you can review there skill titles and definition. To add a skill, go to the proper place on the job post and start typing. The relevant skill will show up. You can add as many skills as you like, there is no limit. Cannot find a Skill? Choose – Not Listed – and type the new skill in. Let us know we are missing a skill by sending a message from our Skills Page.

To review applicants and allow you due diligence, each Job Seeker list her skill in one of three levels:

  1. Basic – Can perform the skill with some supervision
  2. Competent – Can perform the skill with no supervision
  3. Advanced – Can perform the skill and teach others

Further, each skill is verified by one of four methods:

  1. Third party – Enter the name of a former professor or supervisor that can attest to your skill. An email will be sent to them, so they may rapidly verify your skill. Please ask for permission before entering their name for verification purposes.
  2. Document – Upload a document that certify a skill. For example, it you took a First Aid class, upload completion certification (use this image
  3. Link – Link you skill to a professional site. For example, if you are a registered archaeologist, link your skill to your Registrar of Professional Archaeologist page.
  4. Self-Verify – If no other method of verification is available, choose to self-verify your skill.


If you purchase our Gold Level package or higher, you can query the pool of profiles of our entire database through filtering by skill. Our “smart artificial intelligence” filter allows you to accumulate as many skills as you wish. Once you have narrowed your search to the total number of desired skills, you can email directly to the possible candidates and invite them to apply for your job.

That’s it. Simple. Easy. Fast. Efficient.